Repositories Series Description

In this body of work, I have altered and re-purposed five obsolete mechanical devices. Each device in the series significantly contributed to reengineering the conditions of everyday life and anticipated the changes associated with digital technologies. These mechanical devices are now equipped with small, embedded computer boards; HD computer screens; lights; sensors; custom software and robotic systems that replace their older analog systems. Simple, haptic interfaces are deliberately used to refer to early digital technologies.

These alterations destabilize the source and meaning of the original objects. The viewer is drawn into a conversation about change and renewal through the disruption of place, time, and intention, and points to the objects and concepts left behind. By combining methods and genres of the past with those of the digital present, I am investigating transformations not only of the tools that we use but also how these transformations have impacted upon how we conceptualize ideas and thoughts. Each device becomes a repository of knowledge that includes both a history of the past and an imagined future.


  • Andrew Winton - Electronics/Programming
  • Richard Sipinski - Software Development
  • William Eakin - Photography
  • Chad Harris - Machinist
  • Victor Goertzen - Electronics
  • Felix Jodoin - Original Programmer