Repositories Series Instructograph

Mixed media: altered found object, embedded Foxconn computer, HDMI screen, custom software, rotary encoder, pic board, constructed wooden base

Instructograph was commissioned by Grant Guy for his Adhere and Deny Theatre, in 2011. I was asked to make a small circus object no bigger than a bread box. Instructograph was completed in June 2012. It became the first in a series of ambiguous, obsolete objects that I have re-purposed.

When the Instructograph is first plugged in the computer starts up, a light comes on inside the box to reveal the inner workings through a plexi glass window that was cut into the front of the box. A random display of videos starts to show on the screen. These videos consist of diverse images that include music from the March of the Gladiators that is commonly associated with the circus. These videos continue to play until the crank at the side of the box is turned. At that point, the videos switch to over 200 video clips that refer to the history of the circus.


  • Victor Goertzen - Electronic Technology
  • Felix Jodoin - Original Programmer