In sentientBody, my intent is to explore the shifts in the stability of our own increasingly technologized bodies by pointing to the body as a transformative site constantly in the process of becoming.

On one wall of the gallery, a large video projection contains imagery in which the motion of waves dragging over sand or over our bodies becomes indistinguishable to suggest bodily mutability over time.

In the middle of the gallery, a stainless steel container is filled with slowly circulating water. When the viewer walks toward the container, an image of their moving body is projected downward into the water. First projected in real time, the image is then captured and projected several more times. Each time the image is projected it deteriorates and fades until it disappears. The water also decays over time.

Emerging from the stainless steel container is the sound of a pump and motor calibrated to pump the water at the same rate as we breathe. The 'breathing' water moving through the stainless steel container suggests internal liquids moving through the body, the fluids from which we’ve developed, as well as a technological life support system.


  • Ernest Mayer (The Winnipeg Art Gallery) - Photographer