The Multiple and Mutable Subject

The Multiple and Mutable Subject

Symposium 1999, curated by Vera Lemecha and Reva Stone

Anthology published by St. Norbert Arts Centre, co-edited by Reva Stone and Vera Lemecha, 2001.

ISBN 1-896699-15-4


AllucquƩre Rosanne Stone (Austin, Texas)

Overture and Coda

Barbara Becker (Bonn, Germany)

The disappearance of materiality?

Janet LeValley (San Jose, California)

CyberEmbodiment: Personalizing the


Ahasiw Maskegon-Iskwew (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Hysterical, Auto-cannibalist Culture vs.

Trans-temporal Interwoven Identities

Mark Poster (Irvine, California)

Print and Digital Authorship

Dot Tuer (Toronto, Ontario)

Embodying the Virtual: Hybrid Subjectivity in Cyberspace

Faith Wilding (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) moderator

Virtually Embodied?